SELLFORTE présente : Sellforte - provides advanced analytics to optimize marketing, campaigns and promotions in retail

Descriptif de la démo

PROBLEM you solve

“half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. the trouble is i don’t know which half.”- john wanamaker.


SOLUTION you bring

Sellforte Brings big data to retail marketing analytics. We optimize which media, when, using what message. Our solution helps retailers understand marketing effectiveness at store, date and ad level.


INNOVATION you bring

sellforte proprietary big data marketing analytics software.


Maturity Level

o R&D                 o P.O.C.             o Pre-industrialisation                 x Pre-commercialisation


Knowledge and know how of the company

Our methodology is based on five years of management consulting work with the leading retailers in the world. Our advanced analytics engine learns from every transaction and provides concrete suggestions to optimize your sales. The analytics can be used as a cloud-based software, integrated into other systems, or utilized as standalone projects.

Legal information

Kind of registration : Limited

Social capital : -

Date of creation : 5.5.2017

Number of Employees : 5


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