Aikeet présente : VFF - Aikeet provides technology for monitoring shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores. We collect exact real-time behavior data focusing on shopper-product interaction. We detect, analyze and help our customers to react and influence on shopper behavi

Descriptif de la démo

PROBLEM you solve

Until now the problem in brick-and-mortar retail has been lack of objective, measured shopper behavior data comparable to online click analytics. Performance of the store layout, category placement, product displays etc. is estimated based on sales data and observations of personnel.

SOLUTIONyou bring

Aikeet offers a SaaS platform built on unique machine vision technology using 3D sensing for full body action recognition. We have patentable data processing and analytics technology. The depth sensors used in our system capture a 3D view of the scene: accurate and reliable data, but no threat to privacy.


INNOVATION you bring

Aikeet has superior accuracy compared to radio based techniques. We combine detailed trajectory data (product category level) with shopper action recognition (product and product display level).


Maturity Level

o R&D                 o P.O.C.             o Pre-industrialisation                 x Pre-commercialisation


Kowledge and know how of the company

Aikeet is a spin-off from VTT technical research centre of finland. Aikeet R&D develops the core data processing and data analytics software 

Legal information

Kind of registration : Private business

Date of creation : 2016

Number of Employees : 4


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Johannes Peltola - Aikeet

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