Vividworks présente : Vividworks - AR4OMNISALES - Virtual trying before buying? as part of the purchase process by utilizing VR and AR technologies

Descriptif de la démo

PROBLEM you solve

Customers can validate and verificate products before buying in place virtually to real environment


SOLUTIONyou bring

We bring Cloud-based configuration and visualisation sales management platform for commerce, delivering stunning 3D visualisations of real life objects and environments that successfully drive business objectives and promote faster purchasing decisions


INNOVATION you bring

unique 3D visual sales solution for omnichannel commerce that is designed to help our clients take advantage of the business opportunities that the disruptive technological changes bring to retail and commerce.

Maturity Level

o R&D                 o P.O.C.             o Pre-industrialisation                 x Pre-commercialisation


Kowledge and know how of the company

OWn R&d developing VividPlatform capabilities 

Legal information

Kind of registration : Private business

Social capital :

Date of creation : 2006

Number of Employees : 38 employees


If looking for partner

x TECHNOLOGIC                           x INDUSTRIEAL                              x BUSINESS

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Jorma Palo - Vividworks

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