Spaceify Oy présente : Spaceify Selfscanner is a fully web-based self-scanning solution. Using the solution, the customers in a shop can open the selfscanner web page with their own mobile phones, scan the bar codes of the products using the web page, pay on the web, and r

Descriptif de la démo

PROBLEM you solve:

Queues in the shops, low adoption rates of self-scanning apps.                                                              


SOLUTIONyou bring:

web-based self-scanning solution that does not require installing an app.           


INNOVATION you bring:

web-based Self-scanning solution that works without hardware bar code scanners or mobile apps


Maturity Level

o R&D                 o P.O.C.             o Pre-industrialisation x Pre-commercialisation


Kowledge and know how of the company

spaceify oy was founded by experts in human-computer interaction and web technologies with extensive academic and business backgrounds. The founders of the company include experts such as professor Sumi helal (university of florida, lancaster university), and professor giulio jacucci, co-founder of multitaction oy (university of helsinki).

Legal information

Kind of registration :  Oy (Finnish equivalent of ltd.)

Social capital :

Date of creation :  30.11.2015

Number of Employees : 9

If looking for partner

o TECHNOLOGIC                            o INDUSTRIEAL                               x BUSINESS 

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