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Arnaud Trousset - RILOS
Arnaud Trousset - General Director, Co-Founder
+7 499 638 24 14

Nos Innovations

RILOS - Geomatrix Predictive Analytics - helps retailers to open only profitable stores, increase traffic from existing points of sales, and defend themselves against new competitors, in an online predictive analytics Saas solution, available in 67 c


Opening a new store in a wrong location, leading to subsequent losses, and eventually to its closure can cost a retailer between 0,1 and 10 million EUR per single location!

But producing insightful predictive analytics reporting is a complex, costly and highly time-consuming process for 95% of retailers' market studies, costing them internally between ten thousand and five hundred euro per year, even when using only excel and free online map services, and simple desk GIS software



Geomatrix provides our clients instant online solutions for every stage of commercial real estate cycle, through the integration of both internal retailer?s data and external data, technologies and algorithms



Our solution has automatized the creation of retail sites studies by integrating all required data into a single platform, and allowing professionals without GIS proficiency to perform most advanced analytical studies with reporting produced in 30 seconds online. The solution has a highly competitive position such as its range of functionalities, readiness to be deployed, rapid ROI and its geographical scalability.



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Geomatrix is an live solution, its licenses have been already purchased by 20 clients such as Ikea, Auchan Retail, Kiabi, Media Markt, Gemotest in 6 countries (from Hungary to Russia and as far as in Vietnam)



Our 6 persons? team is strong of 10 years expertise in retail business intelligence, with experience both working for retailers and consulting them, and we are advised by four sectors experts. 

legal information

Legal Form : LLC

Turn over : 150 000 Euros (2016)

Date of establishment.: 10/2010 for the company, the software is live since 2015

Headcount : 6 persons

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